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The A10 HeartOn AED is easy to use.  The Adult or Paediatric Pads are recognised quickly by the unit once plugged in. LED indicator lights flash next to visual icons to clarify the necessary actions. The battery has a 2 years shelf life, and 5 years standby life.

  • AED

  • Adult Pads

  • Battery

  • Carry Case


The A15 has visual icons that are clearly defined to assist the user, and the clever addition of a switch to flip the machine from Adult to Paediatric mode (or vice-versa), means the pads are suitable for both situations. The battery has a two years shelf life, and an amazing five years standby life.

  • AED,

  • Adult/Paediatric Pads

  • Battery

  • Carry Case


E-Series Compact First Aid Kit


RRP $15.00

Handy pocket first aid kit packed with first aid essentials, making you prepared for that unexpected minor first aid emergency 


E-Series Travel First Aid Kit


RRP $ 32.50

Compact, slimline case design for fitting into small spaces such as the glovebox in your vehicle or backpack 

E-Series Responder First Aid Kit


RRP $55.00

Internal flip-out compartments for easy organization, making you ready to respond. Colour coded contents for easy identification and rapid response

E-Series Essentials First Aid Kit

Code: FAEG20

RRP $ 25.50

Ideal compact size for easy insertion into backpacks, vehicle glove boxes or for use around the home.

E-Series DIY Workshop First Aid Kit

Code: FAED22

RRP $47.50

Robust tackle box case for high portability and durability.  Internal compartments for easy organisation 

E-Series Modular Survival Pack

Code: FAEE30

RRP $ 149.50

 Its unique modular design makes first aid fast & easy for everyone. Truly a complete emergency pack, this Kit contains everything to help prevention as well as cure

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